The weather hasn’t really been saying “spring” lately – temperatures varying from the low 30’s down to 9C, and high winds – but it is a time of renewal regardless. And with it comes time for updating the Etsy store and website.

Head on over to the store to see some recent uploads, and more are coming in soon. New pictures are on the schedule for next week, when yet more new products will be posted in the store and here.

And check out my Facebook page for updates on events, and the things that I find interesting. Look for more frequent updates in the weeks to come.

A Few of My Favourite Things

A collection of a few of my favourite pieces. I love how delicate these necklaces look.

I love working with Swarovski – the crystals and crystal pearls used in Beltane Moon, Moon Dusk, Autumn Lights, and Put A Bow On It. Storm Light is iolite and True Blood is garnet.

Quality materials make all the difference.

Bird on a Wire

I have just discovered Louise Goodchild, and I am IN LOVE with her gorgeous vignettes! She does amazing things with wire and a few beads.

If you’ve never seen her work, check it out on her website, louisegoodchild.co.uk.

Louise Goodchild’s “The Juniper Tree”.

These are lovely scenes from quiet, rural days in the English countryside.

Truely inspirational as I develop my wireworking techniques.

Hope I didn’t keep you waiting

Well, I think the last post I wrote said I was going to try to write a new post every week, and spend 10 minutes on it… I don’t think that worked out so well.

All that time that I wasn’t writing blog posts, though, was spent on making new jewellery! I have been making Russian Spiral, herringbone (Ndbele), and St. Petersburg stitch bracelets and necklaces, and even a pair of herringbone earrings. Pictures of these new pieces are coming (really! I swear! I took the photos, but they need cropping), but they will be on display – live and in person – at the Tudor Hall Christmas Gift Show, on November 22.

I’m looking forward to this show. It’s the second of the season for me, the first being the All Saints Christmas sale on November 7th. And I have another one scheduled for December 12 at Rideau High School.

Getting back into sales, and the regular schedule of making jewellery and updating a webpage (or blog) is a bit of work for me right now. I’ve taken some time off to concentrate on other things, like my family. Now that my son is a little bit more independent of me – and I am becoming a bit more independent of him – I am returning to my passion for creating works of wearable art.

I hope to see you at one of my upcoming shows!

A New Experiment

I have decided to try a new experiment. I have decided to try writing for ten minutes on my blog, once a week. There isa purpose to this – as you may have noticed, I have not managed to do too much writing on this website, even though it has been my intention to keep up regular posts.It is my hope that this will help me to form a habit of writing again.

I got in a new shipment of beads – some delicate yellow Delicas. Yellow is not a colour I work with often, so I’ve decided to give it a try. Most of the colours I use on a regular basis tend to be darker, or bolder, and skew towards greens and purples.

I find working with new colours, like new techniques, can be very stimulating, but also relaxing. While a new technique offers new design possibilities, I find that colour can change the look of any design, and add a new emotional tone to the piece.

And that’s my ten minutes.

Edit: Oh, by the way, if there are weird format issues, it’s because I’m working on a tablet right now and haven’t worked out all the tricks yet.

It’s construction season

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the site has been under construction lately. I’m working on finding the right plug-ins and widgets to get the site fully operational and pretty.

I’m going to be putting up galleries tonight, and filling them in as I can. I’m hoping to get the Etsy store up soon, too, but … don’t expect too much from it right away. It’s gotten a little sparse in there the past few months and it will take a bit of time to get it all back in order.

A little housekeeping

I’m still working out a few details of how this site will be set up. Once I have it all in order I sincerely hope to not have to recreate it. Again.

Which isn’t to say that I won’t, from time to time, make changes to the way the site looks, or what functions are available. I have a world of plugins to choose from to add functions to the site, such as a calendar, links to my Etsy store, and access to my Twitter feed. Many of these add-ons will be installed over the next couple of days. I will be adding a page of nothing but galleries, and of course a contact form for those who might like to discuss the possibilities of custom jewellery. Naturally, the requisite “About Me” page will come along, as well.