The long dark, and the rising of the sun

How do you like your symbolism? Last night (the night between December 20 and December 21, 2016) was the Winter Solstice – the longest night of the year.
This year has brought a lot of negativity with it for a great many people. The deaths of beloved celebrities, a tumultuous election in the United States, more mass shootings, and mass vehicular homicides have been dominating the news.
The good news is that the long, dark night is now behind us. We have a growing light to look forward to. And Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017 is “Greenery”. Greenery is drawn from the natural world, the colour of spring, and is symbolic of our desire to immerse ourselves in natural beauty. Pantone’s colour choice for the year will be reflected in the colours of fashion, home decor, and accessories, and will be represented in Maiden Star’s offerings for the year.
While we look forward to the warming that comes with the return of the sun, we are not blind to the beauty of the winter world around us. We bring trees and boughs into our houses in the depth of winter to remind ourselves of the green world under the snow.
I wish you all the best that the season has to offer, and a happy, prosperous New Year.

Scheduling and Calendars and Events, oh my!

I’m working on restoring the mini-calendar in the side panel, but in the meantime, I will post the calendar here!

I don’t have any events scheduled for January 2017 yet, but if you are a show organizer, feel free to contact me. I do plan to be at Ravenswing again this year, and am looking forward to a new event that I’ll tell you about later. That should be taking place in May or June, so stay tuned.

Updates are coming!

It’s been a while… I have new updates to post!

The winter is a down-time for me, generally, and I plan to take advantage of this to get some work done on the site, and a few other projects that I have on the go. There should be actual, visible changes on this site before the end of the calendar year!

I am looking forward to getting back to work on the site, and those other projects I mentioned. I’m feeling inspired and energized – I can’t be the only one that feels more energetic the more they give themselves to do!

I will also be working on behind-the-scenes things, like my catalogue of products, inventory of supplies – you know, busniess-type things. If all goes according to plan, this should mean more pictures for the site. And of course I will be spending time preparing new products, and hopefully fit in some time to work on some of my more artistic pieces – the big “statement” works that drive my passion for creating.

In all, I have big, big plans, and hopefully you will see the fruits of my labour over the next several months. I’m looking forward to this!