It’s construction season

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the site has been under construction lately. I’m working on finding the right plug-ins and widgets to get the site fully operational and pretty.

I’m going to be putting up galleries tonight, and filling them in as I can. I’m hoping to get the Etsy store up soon, too, but … don’t expect too much from it right away. It’s gotten a little sparse in there the past few months and it will take a bit of time to get it all back in order.

A little housekeeping

I’m still working out a few details of how this site will be set up. Once I have it all in order I sincerely hope to not have to recreate it. Again.

Which isn’t to say that I won’t, from time to time, make changes to the way the site looks, or what functions are available. I have a world of plugins to choose from to add functions to the site, such as a calendar, links to my Etsy store, and access to my Twitter feed. Many of these add-ons will be installed over the next couple of days. I will be adding a page of nothing but galleries, and of course a contact form for those who might like to discuss the possibilities of custom jewellery. Naturally, the requisite “About Me” page will come along, as well.

Getting my house in order

cropped-20355_315094498946_1412351_n.jpgYou’ve been waiting long enough – I am finally getting this site back up and functional.

I will be uploading a lot of pictures, and a lot of simple descriptions. These will be edited and improved as quickly as possible, but I am focusing on getting content up.

Please, let me know if there are any issues you run across.